Local businesses have always been the bread and butter of our economy and play a critical role in building strong communities. However, this is often overlooked in today’s business environment.  Now with the world at our fingertips through any smartphone or digital device, too many business owners are neglecting the businesses at their doorstep. So many businesses make the mistake of thinking that because you can reach out to the world that you must do so, when this isn’t always the case.

Let’s have a look at some great benefits to doing business locally in 2023. The benefits of working locally, marketing locally and supporting locally has a ripple of astounding effects, with more impact than you might initially think.  

Image saying 5 benefits of business locally
  1. Local businesses provide more personal service

One of the main advantages of dealing with local businesses when dealing business to business, is that you can offer more personalised service
Local business owners and employees understand their customer base better than any large corporation because they’ve lived and worked in the same community for years. They know their customers’ names, their preferences, and what they need to succeed. 
In addition to personalised service, local businesses are often more flexible when it comes to accommodating customer requests. For example, if you need a special order placed, a local business may be able to accommodate it quickly and at a lower cost than if you had to go through a larger company.

Overall, when you do business locally, you are likely to offer more personal service and greater flexibility. The result is a more satisfying customer experience and increased loyalty to your business.

  1. Local businesses stimulate local economies

This next point is quite straightforward; by investing in your surrounding community, you’re helping to stimulate the local economy. When money is spent locally, it’s kept in the community and often reinvested. 
Local businesses are also more likely to hire from within the community and spend money with other local companies. This helps create a positive cycle that encourages the local economy to grow. Small businesses are an essential part of the local economy, as they create job opportunities that would not exist if it were not for them. When small businesses start, they often require extra help, leading to the creation of jobs that wouldn’t otherwise exist. As a result, these local businesses can help to stimulate the local economy and create more jobs for local people.


  1. Local businesses are more environmentally friendly

Transportation is one of the biggest factors in how environmentally friendly a business can be.  When local businesses invest in other local businesses, it reduces the amount of transportation needed, which results in less pollution and congestion and traffic, reducing their environmental footprint. A small but significant step to being more environmentally friendly and help to protect our planet.


  1. Local businesses are more convenient

The convenience of local businesses has long been overlooked. Doing business with those in your own community allows you to be more responsive. There’s less issues with “being all the way over the other side of town”, which means better service and happier clients! Shorter, more convenient trips also means less time wasted and the opportunity to get more done in a day.



  1. Local businesses help people stay connected

Having a strong connection to our client community and those around us is an important part of running not just a successful, but fulfilling business. Shopping at large stores or online does not provide the personal touch and service that local business does. Working locally doesn’t just allow but encourages you to get to know the people in our community and those we do business with. Supporting local businesses gets people out more, puts a human face to things and helps to foster human connections.

At Section Group, we don’t just encourage business locally, we build our core business on it! Working within a specified geographic area, it allows us to deliver a more specialised, responsive and dedicated service to our clients across all services of I.T Support, Websites and Digital Marketing Services


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