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Empowering small to medium businesses to excel and thrive by providing a suite of services to support your business’ growth and development across all areas of technology.

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“Your tech is our business”

Reliable IT systems have never been more vital to a successful business than they are right now. Section Technologies services include IT support and maintenance, backups and disaster recovery, network architecture,  project management, plus hardware supply.   When it comes to IT, our team of specialists pride themselves on providing cost-effective, reliable IT solutions no matter your business type or IT needs.  We are on call 24 hours a day and work  with you and your team to build a trusting, cohesive and forward-thinking relationship that enables us to support your business through growth and expansion.

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“Digital experience, human connection”

With our mission to provide the most effective marketing and website solutions for your business to help facilitate sustainable business growth, we handle everything from your website, social media, email marketing and copywriting to ensure a cohesive and convincing brand voice is portrayed through all your digital marketing channels. Our team works with yours to ensure you are supported in the best way possible, to create a marketing plan tailored exactly to your needs.

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“Getting you further, faster”

Staying online in the digital space has never been more important than it is right now!

The world is moving at a faster pace than ever, with everyone jumping online to source information, access data, and stay in touch with the world, it is vital your business is always kept visible. We will host your website, e-commerce store, or virtual private server on our Australian-based servers and have a locally based team to support you with any issues or change requirements that you may have.

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“We get people talking”

Technology is moving so fast these days, (emails, ticketing systems and online chat channels) but people still want to talk to people. Phone systems are a vital part of a business’s setup, choosing the right one can be hard as there are so many things to consider. The great news is we provide you with expert advice, as well as a solution that will enable your business to scale, your team to work remotely or from the office and a call flow system that will demonstrate your size and professionalism.

VoIP telephony systems are the future and having a team on call to help you set them up, train your team on how to use them efficiently and manage/maintain the system daily for you, are just some of the benefits of moving to one of our professional systems.


Stand out from your competitors

“Supporting our own when they really need it”

Natalie, the CEO of Section Group has always given back to community and has now started planning the biggest “Give Back Project” to date. Section Community will be a registered charity that will be working towards building a homeless hub in the outer Eastern Suburbs, where we can engage with homeless parents and their children to give them somewhere safe to stay, reconnect with people, gain employment, be reintroduced to school and eventually move out into their own home again.

With a mission to assist 2200 people over 10 years to get off the streets, find safety, and happiness, and rebuild their lives once again., our vision is to create a safe and homely environment that enables parents with children to come and create a new life for themselves.


Enable faster business growth with Section Group

At Section Group, we offer the latest business solutions in IT support, website development and hosting, marketing, and telephone communication systems that allow your business to thrive.

Five teams local to your business offer a range of competitively priced, superior IT business services so that you can get on with business.

In addition, join in our bigger mission to assist 2200 people over 10 years to get off the streets, find safety, and happiness, and rebuild their lives once again with our not-for-profit, Section Community.